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Expert advice

With its dynamic management approach, Bonus Consulting offers expert advice in the areas of Environment, Environmental Emergency and Sustainable Development.

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Environmental Impact Assessment and Audits

Bonus Consulting ensures the smooth running of your projects guaranteeing studies and environmental audits qualities.

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Development of Management Plans and Training

Bonus Consulting ensures the development of your plans related to the environment and ensures the training of your staff for the implementation of these plans.

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Why choose us?

Bonus Consulting is committed to providing a range of quality consulting services in an innovative manner, to both private and public institution in African countries, with the aim to ensure the protection of the natural environment and communities, and a sustainable development.

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Système de Pompage d'Eau Solaire

En toute saison, et en tout lieu, donner de l’eau aux familles, aux animaux et à la terre, sans électricité, sans carburant et à moindre coût …

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Our Resources

Bonus Consulting appealed to national and international experiences for the realization of its mandates. To do this, Bonus Consulting does not hesitate to call upon local or international partners.

Our partner

Span Pumps Private Limited (SPAN PUMPS) is India’s leading manufacturer & sustainable water solutions provider. Established in 1987, SPAN PUMPS works extensively with domestic and international stakeholders for drinking, irrigation, sanitation, health & personal hygiene water requirements.

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